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Plant layout design and process planning

Improving energy efficiency of HVAC plants in commercial buildings

Fe-Al adhesive bonding for automotive lightweighting

PID simulation for vehicle cruise control (Tr, Td, K)

Smartphone metrology




Lube oil blending plant performance evaluation

Risk assessment and waste capacity simulation for a solid waste processing plant (MRF, EfW, Composting)

Life-cycle cost modelling for Iveco CNG 4x2 articulated HGVs with DCF/NPV/IRR

Techniques for managing QA/QC at a construction site, including sub-contractor management

Lube oil blending plants' global market study and performance evaluation

Lube Blending Plants

Lube Oil Blending Plants (LOBPs) have a key role to play in the manufacture, sales and distribution of bulk and packed lubricants. This study gives an overview of the Global lubricants market and proposes a methodology for Performance evaluation of Lube Oil Blending Plants.


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